Over time I have been getting clients who claim that websites are expensive and they are not willing to spend such amount of money. Let’s do some maths and I will show you why websites are more cost effective and more efficient than any other marketing strategy.

An average website will cost you around 25000/= in the first year and an annual cost of around 2500/=

Other means of marketing/advertising include

  • Cell Phone & Mobile Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Broadcast Advertising

Let’s take print advertising method, and from it let’s work with brochures.  Brochures normally have six faces. so it can include up to 12 items,  2 items per face.  it takes an average of 50/= to produce one brochure so for 100 brochures you will spend 50X100=5000

So with 5000/=, you can reach a maximum of 100 people who have to be within your geographical and network reach.

Out of this 100 people, 60 of them will throw that brochure in the next dustbin they come across and won’t even care to know what it was about. There and then you have lost 50X100=3000.  Out of the remaining 40 people, only about 2 are interested in what you are offering so maybe out of two you will get 1 client.

Your brochures are finished you have to print some more, the second bunch of 100 brochures and the trend above is repeated, then you print another one and another one, let’s say you print a bunch of 100 brochures per month in one year you will have spent 12 Months X 100 brochures X 50 shillings per brochure = 60,000/=

With 60,000 shillings you have reached 12 clients who were in close proximity to your geographical region. And I hope that made you money.

Now let’s compare that with another person who invested 25,000 shillings (remember this is only for the first year, the following years is about 2500 shillings per year)

A website has a capacity to carry an unlimited amount of data/products/services you can have even 1000 products. Think of how many products are there in amazon, jumia, olx, kenyasmartweb.com and many other websites that you know. so in terms of content, a website does much far better than a brochure can do. we kenyasmartweb.com we make it happen.

A website is easy to share. In the case of brochures, you will have to stand somewhere and hand them to people. Every website has its own link; all you have to do is to share that link with the world. Start by sending it as an SMS to all your phone contacts that is about 500 people on average. Then share it on your social media, what’s up, and groups, ask your friends to share it also in their networks. Within a day you can reach a population of 10,000 people. in addition to this we kenyasmartweb.com, we integrate your website with social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Google+ and  e.t.c for ease of sharing your content

These are people who are not only in your area but they are in places you would have never reached. (think of this,  you are reading this post, do I know where you are? do you know where I am, how many more people are likely to be reading this same post in different locations? chances are, they are many people reading this.)

Now let’s assume just like in the previous case 60% do not bother and they just log out from your website. (Already those visiting are a plus to Google ranking) the rest 40% do go through the website but only 2% are interested in what you do. And out of the 2%, you get 1% as your clients. Now, what is 1% of 10000= 100 so just by sharing the link which can be done in a day or in minutes you got 100 clients at a cost of 25,000 shillings.

Unlike brochures a website does not run out, so you do not need another website after a month, so you share the link as many times as you want. No more cost.

So the person who chose brochures will spend 60,000 and get 12 clients in a year. 

The one who chose a website will spend around 25,000 and get 1,200 clients

The results are pretty clear; the website investor used less money, got something permanent, generated more profits and reached more people.

Now it’s up to you. Which type of an investor are you? 

We kenyasmartweb.com are committed to helping you achieve maximum results at the lowest cost possible. Embrace technology for the sake of your business