We are in the festive season of the year, and this is the time everyone is spending their annual incomes, saving, and fortunes. It is a peak season for every kind of business, large and small. its time to make money. the question is are you set?  Is your business ready?

During festive seasons sales drastically increase and it is at this time that you need to be at the top of the game. It’s time to let customers know what you offer, what you have in the stores and what you have done before.

There is only one way to let customers know all that you do, all that you offer, and that is through a professionally designed website. Through a website, you can publish all the services and products that you offer in one place in a decent manner, without crowding the eyes of the client, without talking all day. the client gets all the details they want about a certain product, and if this is not enough they can easily contact you to ask for clarification and anything else they may want. all this at one place.

This will definitely increase your sales and your profits. We are set to help you achieve this, we are dedicated and we shall design a Classic website for your business in less than a week. We are the force you need to take your business to the next level.

We believe with features like the ones listed below your business will be set for the big holiday sale:

  • Contact Forms – this is where people can send you emails via the website.
  • Business Emails- you get info@yourdomain.com emails
  • Live Chat Platform. People can ask questions and you answer immediately
  • Unique Design – we give you a design that is original
  • Google Maps, people can use maps to see your location
  • Online ordering system – customers place orders via the system/website
  • Visa, master cards, and PayPal online payments processing
  • Online stock keeping system- you can use the website for stock keeping
  •  Social Media (e.g. Facebook, twitter, etc.)
  •  Email subscription/sending – customers can sign up for newsletters
  • slide show and sidebars – show off your products in a style
  •  Discount Product display- helps you show items you are selling on discount
  •  Recent Product display
  •  New Arrival display – show off the new products here
  •  Social Media integration
  •  Product Comparison Page- this helps customers to compare two or more of your products to see which suits them most
  • Product Search Page – customers can search products they want in your website
  •  Google analytics,
  •  Mobile Friendly- people using mobile phones have an easy time viewing your website
  •  SEO Optimized
  • Portfolio Page- show off what your portfolio
  •  Contact Us Page
  •  About Us Page
  •  Review Page
  •  Blog Page – this gives you a platform for marketing yourself