is glad to introduce to you a brand new school management that is easy to use and has advanced features that helps to smoothly manage all the school functions. from accounts, library, transport, dormitory, exams, class timetables, students portal, parents portal, teachers and administration at large.

the system allows for the interaction between the school, teachers, students and parents, parents are able to monitor the perfomance of there children and keep track of their attendance. The system also allows for sending of sms to students and parents. it also enables private mailing/messaging within the sytem lowering the cost of communication and increasing productivity

The system is user friendly and can be used in a mobile phone, imagine managing your school using your own phone anywhere you are. the accounts department can handle all its needs using the system where they can generate invoices, and parents can pay using visa card, master cards, paypal or any credit/debit card. they can also pay using cheques, or cash. You can manage your library using our system where you can issue books and keep a record of books available. the system also allows you to upload reading materials, photos and any media and share it with the school fratenity.

The system is online based so it does not requre a lot of physical infrastracture which means that it can be used by any academic institution.

The system is very affordable and easy to manage, you do not requre an IT expert to use this system. some of the features are:

  • MULTIUSER ACCOUNT SYSTEM – Access for admin, teacher, accountant, librarian, student and parent.
  • RESPONSIVE USER INTERFACE- will run over all kinds of devices seamlessly.
  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGE SUPPORT– Supports 14 different languages.
  • STUDENT FEES MANAGEMENT- Manage student fees very easily.
  • PARENT MONITOR CHILD ACTIVITY- Parent can monitor all activities of his child.
  • HOME WORK DOCUMENT- Attach and download study documents.
  • CLASS ROUTINE/TIMETABLE-   Very easy to create and manage class routine schedules.
  • PROFILE SYSTEM-   Edit profile settings as you wish.
  • EXAM MARKS MANAGEMENT-   Manage exam marks of all students.
  • LIBRARY MANAGEMENT – Systematic management of all library books.
  • DORMITORY MANAGEMENT-   Manage all dormitories of the school.
  • TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT-   Transport management for all routes.
  • DAILY ATTENDANCE- Managing daily attendance is now hassle free.
  • INTERNAL MESSAGING-   Private messaging between admin, teacher, student and parent.
  • DASHBOARD – Advanced dashboard with multiple excellent statistics and widget
  • ROLE & PERMISSION – Unlimited User Role and Permission to assign user roles
  • CHARTS – Multiple Advanced charts for account, users, payments, income and many more.
  • STUDENT INFORMATION – Manage and track all students’ information
  • PARENT INFORMATION – Manage and track all parents’ information
  • TEACHER INFORMATION- Manage and track all teachers’ information
  • USER MANAGEMENT – Complete user management with role and permission assignment
  • ONLINE PAYMENT – PayPal, Stripe & PayUmoney integrated with the management system
  • GRADING SYSTEM – There is an advanced grading system integrated in our system
  • EXAM MANAGEMENT – Exam settings, grade, mark, schedule and Exam attendance can be manage via our exam management system
  • MARK MANAGE – Advanced Marking system for users so that they can give and manage marks very smoothly
  • ACADEMIC SETTINGS – Users can manage class, section, routine, subject & all academic matter from academic section
  • ASSIGNMENT – Teachers can make assignment for student and manage them smoothly
  • ATTENDANCE – Multiple user attendances like teachers & students. Teachers can make attendance for student and see report of every student attendance Multiple Type Student attendance day wise, Subject wise.
  • ACCOUNT, INVOICE & PAYMENTS – Privileged users can manage invoice & payments
  • SCHEDULING – Privileged users can create exam & class schedule for students
  • EMAIL & SMS – Privileged users can send email and sms to any user or user group
  • LIBRARY MANAGEMENT- Complete Library management system integrated with the system so that librarian can manage library books easily
  • TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT – Complete transport management system for users can handle transport easily
  • HOSTEL MANAGEMENT- Complete hostel management system for users can handle hostel easily
  • PROMOTION- Privileged users Promote student from one class to another
  • MEDIA SHARING- Privileged users can share files & media to each other’s.
  • HOLIDAY- Privileged users set holiday from settings of organisation
  • EVENT MANAGEMENT – Privileged users can announce events
  • NOTICE MANAGEMENT – Privileged users can announce notice
  • 3 TYPES OF GATEWAY- Clicktell, BulkSMS,and Twilio
  • PAYPAL – PayPal integrated, users can pay online via PayPal
  • STRIPE – Stripe integrated, users can pay via Stripe
  • ACADEMIC YEAR – Privileged users can set academic year/session and can manage them easily
  • SYLLABUS – Teachers & Privileged users manage class syllabus
  • REPORT – Advance reporting system for whole database
  • MESSAGING SYSTEM – Private and group messaging system for all users
  • BACKUP – Privilege User Can take backup of data
  • SETTINGS – Administrator can manage system every settings options from this module, like payment settings, sms settings, system settings and many more
  • EXPENSE – Administrator can manage system every expense in the system
  • VISITOR INFORMATION – Receptionist can record visitor data into system and check record anytime